Mi Querido

My 7 month old ONE YEAR OLD baby Moose will most likely make several appearances on this blog so why not dedicate an entire page to him? He certainly takes up most of my time, energy, money... so why not blog space too?

We are not exactly sure what Moose is. When we first adopted him, we were told he was a shitzhu and sheltie mix and would be somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds full grown. 

Yeah, those were lies. 

Moose is now a healthy 55 pounds. And most definitely not a shitzhu. 

The only thing we are maybe sure of is that Moose may be a mini-Leonberger. Even then we're not sure. We could go ahead and just shell out the $75 for a DNA test but that would ruin all the fun!

The picture on the website that made me fall in love with him!

Meeting Moose for the first time.

Our first of many, many, many photoshoots. 

Still a big baby

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