09 October 2013

Life Update

Oh, hey. 
Remember me?

Yeah, I went AWOL for a bit. 

But I am back and have absolutely nothing exciting to share with you in my absence. 

Basically I spent a week sick and stressed (I have IBS so basically any form of stress makes me sick and when I get sick, I get stressed so it's a pretty vicious cycle) because I had an internship that totally blew balls and then I lost the internship because they totally were not licensed to host MSW interns and then my school didn't know what to do with me and was like "Oopsie" and I was internship-less and stressed and annoyed and angry at the world. 

BUT then my job totally stepped in and agreed to take me on as an intern in a totally different capacity and I could not love it more. I already have my first client for therapy who is Spanish speaking so I get to practice my Spanish and I already know everyone at my agency so it was a pretty easy, breezy transition. And I am beyond happy because I can basically disappear for a few hours and no one seems to notice and there is a Dollar Tree down the street and you know I go there at least once a day. 

So now I basically live and breathe domestic violence. No joke. Like today for instance. I interned 9-4 and spent some time at the district court watching people sob as they filled out restraining orders and then judges being complete assholes, then I headed to work where I'll be from 6 pm to 7 am and then back to my internship for 9 am. 

2 more years til graduation. 

I also have been making YouTube videos of my conquests at Dollar Trees. They are super embarrassing videos and I pray to God no future employer ever finds them but they give me an indescribable amount of joy and it's a totally weird habit to have, but whatever at least I'm not addicted to coke or whatever. 

So that's what has been going on in my life. I basically work 6 days a week, am in school one day a week and uploading shit videos on YouTube in whatever rare free time I do have. That my friends, is called time management. 

So I miss you guys and will try to get my ass updated on all your lives and respond to emails and be that blogger stalker friend you all know and love. 

29 September 2013


It's time for Sunday Social! I have already established I have become an awful blogger. BUT I picked up an overnight shift every Wednesday SO I will have 13 hours to dedicate to blogging and doing homework and streaming all my YouTube videos and other completely ridiculous- but necessary- things I need to do in life. 

Sunday Social

1. What is your dream job? 
My dream job would be in refugee resettlement on a large scale- so maybe working for the United Nations. I've already decided I look good in baby blue so sign me up, baby. 
2. If you had just won the lottery and didn’t need to work for money, what would you do with your time? 
Let's be honest... I would probably do nothing. But then I would get bored and want to do something else. I would probably travel for awhile and then settle somewhere finally. I would love to work on reform of education and my dream would be to establish free private schools where education- not testing results- are a priority in underprivileged areas. #socialworker4lyfe
3. What piece of career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field? 
Be ready to be poor for the rest of your life! And don't be alarmed if you slowly begin to become an alcoholic! 
4. What would be your ideal “just for fun” job? 
I would love to write a travel blog for the best mac and cheese's around the world. 
5. What was your first “real” job?
I was 13 and worked after school at a local non-profit doing data entry and stuffing envelopes. Sad thing is- I get paid the same amount now 12 years later. That might be the most depressing fact of my life. 
Happy Sunday folks!

23 September 2013

The Things I Do When I Am Alllllll Alone

There are plenty of weird things about me. Whatever I embrace them. 

Lately I have been obsessed with watching haul videos on YouTube. 

I will watch any kind of haul, too. I am particularly partial to hauls of places where I shop like Forever 21, Target, Ulta, CVS and of course, the Dollar Tree.

I watch these damn videos for hours. I honestly have no idea why. 

But then I noticed a weird thing started happening....

I would go shopping and come home, sit down on my couch and go through my bag and describe everything I had bought, why I had bought it (usually the word "cute" was used at least half a dozen times) and when I would wear it and with what. I would do this with everything- makeup, clothes, pens, even food after grocery shopping. 

I would literally just talk about all this random shit I had just bought to absolutely no one. 

The sad thing is is that I didn't even notice that I had been doing it until yesterday when I got a gigantic package from ELF and started picking up each thing out of the box and elaborately describing it. I finally heard the batshit craziness that was coming out of my mouth .... and I kept going. 

This experience has taught me a few things about myself. Namely that I am well on my way to becoming batshit crazy and secondly, I spend way too much time alone. Even though I am technically surrounded by people all day and literally talking all day, I am in the human services field so I am basically always talking about the other person. It's always about them, their day and their problems. I always steer the conversation back if it does get too focused on me because we need to maintain our boundaries and if I were to get started talking about myself, I probably wouldn't stop. 

So yes, I make invisible haul videos to no one in particular and I enjoy it. It's weird, kind of creepy and a huge waste of my time. But I love it so I will continue on doing it and I am not even ashamed to admit it seeing as how I just announced this creepy fetish to the entire blog world and all 15,000 45 of my readers. 

Have a great week, folks!
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