20 March 2013

I Wanna Be a Blogstar

While it has been fun/mind-numbing to decorate my little spot here on the web, I do have to admit that staying up til 2am will probably not be the best decision come tomorrow. But hey, there's a Law & Order episode on right now and I can't just leave mid-episode. That's just rude. 

Tomorrow I get to head up nice and early to my campus. I was going to try to sneak in some gym time in the morning but seeing as how it's already 2am and I just got an email from my advisor asking to meet for tomorrow... gym will most likely not happen. 

It makes me almost regret that muffin I inhaled as lunch/dinner on my way to campus today. Almost. I'll do a sit-up tomorrow so that should cancel out most of those calories anyways. 

School has been keeping me very busy these past couple of weeks. Tomorrow I finally get to hand in a huge project (worth 100% of my grade because that totally makes sense) and then the following week I will present it along with other members of my group. And after that? We are literally done for the entire semester. 

And I have another big paper to hand in on Tuesday. So come the 27th, I will be passing out with either a glass of beer or a candy bar. Or both. Because one beer literally makes me drunk enough to fall down a staircase (yes that happened). Oh where, oh where did my college days go? I used to split a bottle of Jose with a friend and stay up til 5am and be ready to do it again the next night. These days just the smell of alcohol makes me decide to call it a night. 

I swear I used to be cool. And go to parties and clubs. And wear dresses and short skirts. These days I live in yoga pants and sports bras. And I barely even go to the gym. I have no need for that many sports bras but they're just so damn comfortable. And luckily I have a job where wearing yoga pants for working is pretty much dressing up. It truly is a dream job. 

Well now my episode is over and I really have no more excuses to be staying up this late. Good night blog world and I can't wait to meet all the new bloggers who I will be sure to stalk and comment on if I can't make myself fall asleep!

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