20 March 2013

Negative Nancy

I am the first person to call someone out for being a Negative Nancy. I know, I'm that girl. 

But today I just can't help but have my own Negative Nancy day. It was a frustrating day. A day that ended with me calling my Mommy on my way home from school sobbing while stuffing french fries in my mouth. 

Dramatic? Most definitely. 

Basically one of the two classes I need to take this summer is completely full. As in all six sections are full with minimum waiting lists of 8 people. I am currently number 8 for the 6-9:30pm class. My original plan was to enroll in the 9:00-12:30am class with the super awesome amazing professor but that section has a wait list of 18. I knew my chances weren't good. 

I desperately sent emails to all the professors pathetically pleading my case. I threw in everything I got. I work full-time. It takes me 2.5 hours to get to campus and back every day. I am really smart and promise to bring snacks to every class. 

Five minutes after sending my pathetic emails I got an email from my advisor recommending that I stop emailing professors. 

Hint taken.

Apparently they are opening one additional section for 17 students. There are currently 40+ students on waitlists for the other sections. 

The odds are most definitely not in my favor. 

So what can I do? I decided to refrain from emailing my professor while in my emotional state so I wouldn't freak out. Which left my only other option: cry pathetically while consuming french fries on my drive home. Don't you love drivers like me on the road? I'm like a walking Allstate commercial. 

But when all else fails in life, there is nothing more soothing than the voice of a Mama telling you to calm the hell down. Life will go on. Suck it up. Try to contain your road rage. No, that bump on your scalp is not cancer. 

So yes, life will go on. I will get over the reality that my fall semester may entail me taking three courses instead of two, working overnights and weekends while also having clinical three times a week. And yes, this may require me to drive 2.5 hours several times a week. And yes, this may mean that I have to listen to 20450 more hours of NPR asking me for $50 in exchange for a tote bag. 

But there are worse things in life... 

Like bumps on your head that may turn into cancer, despite what your nurse-mother says.

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