31 March 2013

Vanity Envy

I have this awkward corner in my bedroom. Nothing really fits there and there is randomly a shelf about a foot from the ceiling which makes it too high to really put anything because it's hard to reach up there. I have been trying to decorate it, throwing some candles up there with other random knicknacks in a pathetic attempt to be artsy. I would take a picture but it's become the temporary safe haven to all things we don't want Moose to chew because it's one of the only places high/safe enough. 

But I have always wanted a vanity. And since I have embarked on my couponing journey and have signed up for Ipsy boxes, I have a lot of make up and products just sitting randomly throughout my apartment because my bathroom is just too small to house all these random things.

So, I decided to buy a very inexpensive corner desk from Walmart and have it shipped to store for free. From there, I want to work on saving up for a nice upholstered chair and a make-up mirror. Since we are going to be in this apartment for at least one more year, I figured I might as well invest and really make this apartment my oasis. 

So here is my dream vanity set-up:

I love the damask print and I am loving this fabric. The chair is a bit of a splurge from Overstock.com so  I will definitely be scouring HomeGoods and yardsales in an effort to find something as cute but more economical. 

I love the flat, modern look of the make-up mirror. I definitely need something similar because I have a weird obsession at staring at my pores. 

The thing I am most looking forward to, however, is finally finding a permanent home for all my jewelry. I used to wear different earrings and necklaces everyday but now they are all tangled and thrown in a box and I just can't be bothered. I would love a set up where I can see everything and access it with ease. 

Do any of you guys have vanities? What are your must-haves for your personal space?

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  1. I have a vanity in the bathroom which is always a total disaster but I couldn't live without it. There are clear plastic drawers that I found at Walmart that I keep makeup in. I am ashamed to admit I stole this idea from the Kardashians but I did. It helps keep the makeup sorted but darn it I still never manage to keep the counter top neat! Girl stuff everywhere!


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