12 April 2013

5 Places I want to visit

I love to travel. I have the travel bug. I have bounced around all over the world but still have so much world to see! To narrow it down to just five feels impossible, but I'll give it a go:

1. Mexico
I want to meet my boyfriend's family, eat a real taco and see the everything Mexico has to offer. In real life, I make totally un-PC jokes about Mexico but I secretly would love to visit one day.

2. Egypt
I was thisclose to visiting Egypt a while back and then they had their whole revolution thing so that didn't pan out. I would love to go back and travel to the pyramids. Egypt is also where my parents fell in love so it would be fun to re-visit that, especially with Pedro.

3. Some cruise destination like Bahamas/Caribbean
I have always wanted to take a cruise. It seems like the perfect vacation: eat, sleep, sun and repeat. That being said, I know the 'hardcore' backpacker and hosteler in me would be disgusted, but I think my lazy American side would soak up a cruise hard core. 

4. Brazil
World Cup 2014. Enough said.

5. Africa
Before you judge me for being one of those ignorant Americans who automatically assume Africa is just one big country, hear me out! I have only been to Morocco and I would love to explore Africa as a continent by backpacking around. I would love to see Cameroon (where my father grew up), South Africa, Senegal... I have a big wish list. And yes, I know Egypt is in Africa so I should have thrown it into this category but it's too late! I typed it!

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