27 April 2013

Cara Box Reveal

I was so excited to participate in Kaitlyn at Wifessionals' Cara Box exchange. This month's theme was "green" which was challenging for me since I am sometimes the very opposite of green and have a closet filled to the brim with plastic bags. 

I was lucky to get the sweetest pairs, I sent to Chelsey at the Bubblehead Bride and I got an amazing box from Laura at Simply me, the way I see it

Here is the Texas swag I got from Laura:

This is everything together. Laura was sweet enough to add some salsa that unfortunately didn't make it all the way (RIP). 

Even Mr. Moose got some treats. They are fancy ones, too and not the cheap ones I get from Ocean State Job Lot. They came at a perfect time too. I have been stuffing Moose's pain meds into the middle of the meatball so he'll eat them. Love these!

I also got some tortillas and a cool tortilla warmer and salsa dish. Notice how they're green! Pedro was more excited about this than I was seeing as he will be the one using them (I microwave, not really cook so much). 

And lastly some awesome water bottles. I have been wanting to try a filtered water bottle for awhile, especially because the water filter at my job worked and I hate that awful feeling of wondering whenever I take a sip. After I finish a glass, I am always convinced I have some weird incurable waterborn disease. And how cute is the coffee mug? It's pink! With bling! I am enamored. 

So yes, I got spoiled this month. I got some awesome goodies allll the way from Texas. I loved doing this and will definitely sign up for a May Cara Box as well. 

Now I am off to watch some Hallmark movies, lounge in my PJ's and eat some burgers. I have been a very busy girl today and am excited to show you some of the exciting treasures I picked up rummaging through other people's yard sales!

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  1. I thought I commented on this but I keep forgetting to go I to safari! That's called old age! I am so glad you liked everything! I had such a hard time figuring out the theme so I cheated a little with the green things. I hope moose is feeling better. Sweet boy! This has been so very much fun!


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