25 April 2013

RIP Moose's Balls

So today was a sad day in the house. Mr. Moose lost his balls. But, alas it had to be done. 

My little boy got neutered today. 

And he was paaaaaathetic. Almost as pathetic as I was. 

I may or may not have cried after dropping him off and after picking him back up. 

How could I not though? The whole car ride back he was whimpering and crying. Even as I am typing this up now, roughly seven hours later I still hear a little cry every now and then. It's heartbreaking. 

He sat curled up against his papa's chest the whole ride home and once we got home, we decided to order in so we could be with Moose. I ordered his favorite (yes my dog has a favorite Chinese food delivery) which is basically steamed chicken with veggies and white rice. 

He had his little cone on so I had to feed him directly and he gave me the saddest looking eyes. So naturally I fed him the entire carton of food in one sitting. See? I'm a sucker. 

But I think it will be for the best. Neutering is ultimately what would be best for Moose- and for us. It would mean less territory marking (I have already paid about $60 in drycleaning bills because Mr. Moose insists on peeing on the bed) and less damaged property, such as the mattress in which Moose decided to dig a hole into. 

But for the next 7-10 days, you can bet I will be holed up in my house, cradling my little boy and watching House Hunters online (it's our favorite show to watch together). 

Did you guys ever have to spay/neuter your furbabies? How did they do? Did they look pathetic as mine?

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  1. That's so sad!! I have been through this with 3 girls and they were pathetic but dogs have short memories and they get over it pretty quickly. They also tend to milk it just a tad! Sweet boy!


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