11 April 2013

Day 8 and a Debbie Downer Dilemma

So I just skipped Day 7 because I had a long, crazy day and honestly- you really don't need to see my desktop screenshot. It's boring, trust me. 

Day 8 is kind of interesting though, it asks for Three things you want to say to three different people.

This is tough because I have a lot of things I want to say to a lot of people. 

Let's start:

1. President Obama, please sign some kind of progressive immigration reform soon. Like soon as in yesterday. I am sick of hearing about "illegals" and how they are destroying our country from a bunch of ignorant talking heads on TV and uneducated fools on message boards. Stand with the millions of people who have to live in fear every day of the only government they know. Stand for progress and reform and change- yeah, remember when you were all about change? Sir, get on it. Please and thank you.

2. Supreme Court, it seriously doesn't take that long. Prop 8 is ridiculous. Not allowing gay men and women to marry is ridiculous. Fine, they don't need to get married in a church but damnit they need some form of legal protection. And it better be equal. Remember separation of church and state? We don't need to transfer our moral creeds onto the mass majority. It's cool if you don't like gay people. It's not cool to deny them basic civil and human rights. 

3. Soldiers everywhere, thank you for your service. I know I sometimes creep behind you in airports and stalk you until I can find an un-awkward moment to thank you for your service, but there have been times I have not been able to thank you and wish I had. I am so impressed with your sacrifice and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know my sparse and in-between care packages of beef jerky and Maxim magazines should have been more frequent, but I will get better, I promise. I appreciate all you do and cannot wait for you all to get home safe.

I'm pretty sure this prompt was more along the lines of people you actually know IRL (in real life- I'm cool, I know all the kid lingo) but... well, it's done. I typed it. 

Speaking of IRL... I am having a major dilemma. I have a friend who constantly wants to see me and hang out. Problem is we have nothing in common and she is very socially awkward, spends a lot of our  'hang out' time complaining about her life and I feel like I am playing her therapist rather than just relaxing and enjoying a day out. 

But I am just as awkward because I suck at blowing people off. No, that's not true. I'm actually kind of good at it. I guess I just suck at blowing her off. It doesn't help that she has memorized my schedule (even my own boyfriend hasn't accomplished that!) and she is really sweet, but such a Debbie Downer. I've learned that when we do make plans, I have to keep them very structured and always have a really great exit strategy. 

Any tips for breaking it off with a friend? Or at least semi-believable lies for not hanging out in the future... especially because she knows I have my Saturdays off?

I have already used up: mono, leaving country for 4 weeks (tough because we live in same town so I can't use that one again), family emergency (used twice), huge paper due and my dog had to go in for emergency surgery. 

Help me, blog world! I know this makes me a total asshole but I can't do it. I spend upwards of 40+ hours a week working with domestic violence survivors and I need my one day off to be spent in happiness and with puppies and rainbows and cupcakes. </rant>

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