29 April 2013

Yard Sale Scores

My favorite thing about the warmer weather is yard sale season. 
Yes, yard sale season. There is nothing more that I enjoy than rummaging through some random person's cast off's in search of more stuff to bring into my house and clutter it up even more. 
This Saturday, after finishing a 13 hour overnight, I left work on the hunt for some yard sale goodies. This was my first yard sale hunt of the year and I was pleasantly surprised. Here is what I scored:
I got this killer spice rack for $5 and I totally did a Google search and saw this retails for around $45. I have been wanting a spice rack for awhile because I think they look sleek and make me look good since it looks like I know what I am doing. With a quick wash, this one looked seriously brand new and had almost all of its spices still in there. I don't know if I will ever use it but it's nice eye candy. 

I got all the following items below for $5 as well:
 These little gold candles with 6 extra gold candles to use for later. I love that they are gold and I think I will put them in the bedroom where they should fit in nicely with my black/gold Moroccan retreat bedroom makeover that is currently very much in progress.

I love this little lamp for my vanity. I need to find it a lightbulb and I am debating if I want to spray paint it or not. I actually love the rustic look of the silver but am not so sure it will fit in with my room decor, we shall see. 
Here is everything together. I also got a little gold bowl and a brown storage bin that has already found a home in my vanity as a catch all. I love everything I got, especially because all together each item was less than $1. Score. 

The star of this show was this piece which I picked up for $20. It is currently sitting on my porch mid-makeover and I am so excited to reveal it all beautified. I loved it as a shabby-chic piece for the kitchen and can't wait to bring it into the house and use it to house all my miscellaneous kitchen utensils. Maybe seeing them all out and displayed will motivate me to cook more?


  1. I LOVE that hutch! There are so many possibilities. I love finding stuff I can remake. My coffee table was $5 but when I sanded it and restrained it and painted the legs black or looks like $200 table! Love that!

    1. I am going to do a post sometime this week with an update of the hutch... and now I am addicted and am going to attack my dresser tomorrow and paint it black and gold! It must be the paint fumes, because I have been like so antsy to get started!


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