05 May 2013

My Love Story: Part Deux

So you're back for more? Cool. If you have no idea what I am talking about and watch to catch up on Part I of my love story, click here

So yesterday I told you how I needed a place to watch my soccer games. So I stumbled into a Mexican restaurant that I had probably driven by hundreds of times before and just never noticed it. 

I called ahead to make sure they had GolTV for my game and little did I know that I was speaking to the future love of my life. Our first conversation on the phone was magical. It went something like this:

Me: Hi, do you guys have GolTV?
Him: Yes
Me: Can I come in and watch?
Him: Yes
Me: Ok, I'm coming. 
And I hung up. 

Were there butterflies? Not really. But I was really hungry so there was definitely some tummy rumbling. 

Anyways, I walk into the restaurant and sit my self down at the bar. Keep in mind it's like 2pm on a Saturday so the crowd is pretty sparse. 

Pedro- my future boyfriend/furbaby daddy- was working in the bar and I asked to change the channel, I ordered a burrito, watched my game and left. 

Truthfully, it took me awhile to even notice him. At this time in my life, I was preparing to move across the world. I was organizing paperwork, researching grad schools in Israel, closing my bank accounts... I was ready to go. 

But as I was waiting forever for my passport to get processed- which should have taken under 2 months- I was still heading to this bar every week for my games. And every week, Pedro would work up a nerve to come and talk to me a little bit. 

Truthfully at first I was kind of confused. I was so out of touch that I couldn't fathom him being interested in me. I thought he was just being nice because I am horrible at math and always leave like 50% tips because I just can't bother to calculate anything in the double digits. 

It was actually my mother who noticed Pedro and thought he was the cutest thing ever. I invited her to come watch a game with me and she was enamored with him. I never even really knew his name and everyone at the restaurant called me "Barcelona girl". She pushed me to ask him out (yes I am a modern woman and my mother wanted me out of the house because I spent every single night watching Lifetime and eating brownies) and we ended up going to a bar and just talking. He was super nervous and I thought it was adorable. At this point, I was not looking for anything serious because mentally I was already gone. 

But we kept going out and then after three more dates we had our first kiss and eventually we just sort of ended up together. 

But it was tough because I was open with him from the beginning about my decision to move. And my imminent move was always in the back of both of our minds. We knew our budding relationship had an expiration date. 

But a funny thing happened. No matter how many times I called, e-mailed or stalked the Israeli Consulate in Boston my passport never arrived. 

In fact, to this day two full years later, my passport is still not here. 

I never got it. 

And eventually I decided to take a chance and fall in love and make my life with Pedro. 

I do believe in fate. I believe everything works out for a reason. And I know that if I had gotten that passport, I would be a world away and Pedro would be a distant memory. But for some reason- whether it be God, lazy bureaucratic consulate workers or someone losing my application 17 times- life worked out this way and I cannot imagine it being any other way. 

About a year ago I ended up traveling back to Israel to see friends and I was so curious. Would I have this epiphany there and realize I made the wrong decision? I was scared but I knew I needed to go and see how I felt. And I am so glad I did. 

While I was glad to see my friends and be back in my 'ole stomping grounds, I did have a sort of epiphany. This place was no longer home to me. 

Home was with Pedro (awwwwww). Cheesy, but true. 

So while the whole story of us falling in love is pretty generic; girl walks into bar, boy sees girl, girl's Mom makes girl ask boy out, boy and girl go out, boy and girl fall in love, move in together, adopt a puppy, become recluse shut-ins who order Domino's and watch documentaries, my dramatic life made our romance so much more... dramatic.

Today our lives are much less drama-filled. Once I made the commitment to stay, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of our shoulders and we could finally move forward. And move forward we did and still are.

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  1. I love your last two blogs. They are so sweet! Who knew soccer and a love of Mexican food along with a push from Mom was the perfect combo for puppy-daddy??


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