24 May 2013

Oh Hey, I'm Alive and Cara Box Reveal!

So yeah it feels like I haven't blogged in forrrreeeeever and then I checked out my blog and realized the last time I blogged was on the 20th. 

Four days ago. I literally feel like it has been four weeks. 

Mainly because this week SUCKED. 

I have been sick, stressed, exhausted and generally just blegh

I may or may not delve into this further during the week, but for today I do want to try to keep it positive because one of the best highlights of the week was getting my Cara Box from the lovely Kiera in the mail!

So let me show you all the awesome goodies I got!

Here is the box that Kiera sent with everything in it. Well... full disclosure there was a bag of popcorn BUT I made the mistake of opening this box with my father within a 5 foot vicinity and I literally went up to grab a new memory card and by the time I had gotten back, poof! The entire bag of popcorn looked like it had been through a paper shredder. It was ugly. But I did manage to get some and it was reallly good! I am impressed Cleveland!

This is by far my favorite from the box. I'm wearing it now as I type! It's a ring that has Cleveland on the map in it. Above is an awful picture I took of it but it looks really cute in real life. Even with my little chubby fingers. 
Here is some cool body stuff including a body oil, some foot cream and a lip balm. It looks scrumptious and the oil just glides on and really sinks into your skin. It feels delicious!

And lastly, while Moose did not come in my wonderful Cara box I had to include this picture. Doesn't he look ridiculous? That's how he sits on the couch. I don't get it- it looks so uncomfortable. But he's a weirdo and a goober, so it suits him. 


  1. Your dog is hilarious! Glad you got the box. Sorry the bag of popcorn didn't open right, but I'm glad you got to at least taste some. My husband said when I read him that part that that is what usually happens in our house. Amongst him and the littles the popcorn lasts only a short while and I am always wondering how it got eaten so fast. Glad you liked the ring, it seemed really fun to me too.

    1. Aw thank you so much again! I loved this month's box. I am really digging the body oil as well. I was nervous to use it but it is so rich and luxurious... I think I am a convert now! And yes, the popcorn was a major hit! If I ever make it to Cleveland, I know I will be bringing an extra suitcase just for that!!

  2. That's awesome! Moose is the bomb too! I'm sorry you had a bad week. Xo

    1. Thanks girl! Bad weeks suck but luckily there's chocolate and Netflix in the world to make it all better :)


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