27 May 2013

A Dilemma

So this past week month has been a tough one. My Summer intensive courses started which packs two 3.5 hour classes into one day and has left me exhausted. It seems like I am never really caught up on the reading and by the time I do feel caught up, it is time to start the reading for next week. 

I also have been sick a lot this past year. I have been to several doctors, neurologists, emergency care- you name it. I went in again on Tuesday to an urgent care clinic because I have had this obnoxious hacking cough that totally kills me at night and makes it impossible to sleep. They think I may have mild asthma so now I have an inhaler and can successfully join the ranks of every other Jewish kid I know. 

But all this health stuff coupled with school stuff has left me rundown. Luckily my parents are amazing and have "taken Moose to summer camp" (he's chilling at their house and has already destroyed a good 13% of it) and I have been able to relax, catch up on cleaning and more importantly- sleep. 

There has been one other impactful stresstor in my life, though, and that is my job. 

I love my job. It's interesting. No day is ever the same and most importantly, it is great experience for the future craziness of the wonderful world of social work. 

It is, however, crazy stressful. I have alluded to my job in the past but I do not like to broadcast it so much. I do work in a shelter for domestic violence survivors. 

That being said, there have been some factors in my workplace that make me feel as if this is not an ideal fit for me at the moment mainly due to issues concerning my safety and my own sanity as well. 

My parents have becoming increasingly worried (they're good at that) and have offered a job for me at my father's company. 

It's hard to turn down. It has flexible hours which I will need once I start clinical along with continuing school in the Fall. It means I can work from home (their home which is basically mine, right guys?) and I can bring Moose in tow as well. It involves doing a lot of marketing and social media which is interesting but definitely a new skill set I would need to develop. 

Oh yeah, and they would pay double. 

For my position now, I only need to work 2 shifts a month to maintain my position. So I could still essentially 'work' here (read: keep on resume) and have a more reliable source of income and sanity from my other main job. 

Typing it up all now, I kind of already see the direction in which I will be taking. I am nervous to drastically switch it up, but I am already feeling some burn-out and definitely need to be more relaxed so I will not develop heart disease before I even give birth. 

So thanks for listening/reading this rambling if you have made it this far. I am still going to noodle on this decision for a bit... but for now, it's back to Arrested Development and readings about the Boston Race Riots. Yipee!


  1. Sorry to hear you've been so sick. I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you know which route you want to take. Just do what's best for you!

    1. Thanks :) And I accepted the offer yesterday after a long shift and also after finding out that another person had quit as well! Feeling good!

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