28 May 2013

Retail Therapy

I have a pretty big project to hand in tomorrow that will frame the rest of my semester. I had already chosen a topic and was not finding myself stimulated enough so naturally I spent 8 hours figuring out a new topic and settled on one I am interested in and all I need to do now is hope my professor approves it. 

So I basically feel like for the last 3 days I have done nothing but throw myself into this project. Which means that I have been spending a lot of time on my computer. Which means that sometimes I find myself purchasing random items in an effort to 'reward' myself for the 10 minutes I spent actually working on my project. 

It's awful. I need a spending freeze ASAP. I have a problem.

So here are some of the goodies I have managed to accumulate in the past week:

This dress is from Walmart and came in at $18.98. It looks really cute so hopefully it will look nice in person as well. 

This shirt is also Walmart and priced at $6. I like blue.

I then picked up some glasses because my mother thinks my glasses make me look like Ted Bundy.

And then I splurged a little at ELF. Luckily everything at ELF is pretty cheap and I had free shipping so it wasn't even so splurgy. But it felt so good and I am excited to get my goodies in the mail!

I picked up the Zit Zapper which I am currently using and love. I see such a difference and feel so refreshed after using it. And for only a $1? Ridiculous. I also picked up the Makeup Set and Seal. I heard good things about it and am excited to try it out. Lastly I snagged some oil sheets because I am usually away from home and can always use them and stash them in my car, purse.. everywhere.

I have no excuse for why I picked these up. They just seemed summery and I don't really understand the whole "baked" thing (it seems like it's everywhere and I still have NO idea what it is) so I wanted to try it out. 

I am not a huge lipstick girl but this looks like such a nice color and very sweet and simple. 

 I have been wanting to expand my brush collection. I got the stipple brush (on the right) for my new Bobbi Brown foundation, an angled eyeliner brush for my cream and gel eyeliners and a smaller eyeshadow brush.
Lastly I picked up some nailpolishes. They are all neutrals and will be perfect for the Fall. 

So yeah, I have gone a little wild. I am hiding my wallet from myself for the next coming days but am super excited about all my packages that will come trickling in soon. 

Have you guys splurged lately?

And now I have procrastinated enough... Back to school work!


  1. I love Elf brushes. I had spending the insane money the big guys want for brushes so almost all of mine are ELF brushes and there are a few tha I love so hard I have like 3 of them. Cute dress!

    1. Thanks and I am such a fan of elf and becoming such a girly girl lately!!

  2. I love this post! The way you organized it looks great! Can't wait to hear more about the ELF stuff. I have been hesitant to use any of their makeup (moisturizers, eye shadow, etc.) because the bronzer I bought from them made my face break out really bad. :( I do LOVE the brushes I have from them. :)

    1. Thanks Hayley! I will do my first ever review sometime this week- I should be getting my elf stuff tomorrow AND I went crazy at the CVS 75% off sale and purchased some additional goodies. Oops


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