29 June 2013

12 Week Summer Weight Loss Challenge

Like every other Friday night, I finish work at 11pm, crawl home, throw up my stretchy pants and troll the internet.

But tonight my trolling was productive because I found me some motivation.

I have been trying to get healthy and lose some poundage for awhile now but always seem to get distracted by cupcakes and french fries. 

Then I stumbled upon Caitlin's blog, Weights and Measure. She decided to start a 12 Week Summer Weight Loss Challenge and Link-Up. 

And because I was feeling guilty for my recent McDonalds splurge, I got all excited and was like "Oh hell yeah I'm going to rock this" and promptly went on to follow Caitlin, leave an obnoxiously excited comment on her blog and tweet here "I'm in!!!" with like 50 additional exclamation points. I'm a fan girl. Except far more annoying. 

Yeah, technically it started yesterday and technically I just ate a McDonalds burger and french fries, but now that I am in a challenge I am hoping I will stay away from the golden arches and stop eating my body weight in frosting. 

The challenge is super easy. Or it sounds easy. Shit, I hope it's easy. Basically we have 3 challenges to meet each week. This week we need to:
  1. Identify three weight loss-related goals you'd like to achieve or work towards in the next twelve weeks (ie. lose 5 lbs., run 3 miles, eat more fruits and vegetables, start a running routine, etc.). Outline how you plan to achieve and/or work towards these goals. We'll refer back to them on a weekly basis, so make sure you choose three things that you can devote time and attention to. When you're planning out your routine and/or goals also identify a few obstacles that could hinder or impact your progress. How will you deal with these obstacles?
  1. Drink 2L of water/day! Staying hydrated is important!
  1. Get 30 min. of activity/day- walk around the block, play Frisbee, go for a run, ride your bike to the grocery store, go swimming, play bocce, lift weights. The goal is to move!
So my three weight-loss related goals I want to work on will be... 
  1. Lose 5 pounds. This goal seems modest enough where I will feel great if I accomplish it and amazing if I surpass it. Win-win. And if for some reason it doesn't happen, I feel like a good haircut could accomplish this goal as well.  
  2. Only eat out one day a week. This needs to happen. I eat out way too much so I am limiting myself to eating out on Thursdays with Pedro. It's also making me poor... well, poorer. I also want to prove that I can cook because I think I might able to. I have mastered rice, now it is time to branch out. 
  3. Run a mile. Seems easy, I know. I bet you're thinking your grandmother runs a mile every day and she's 80. I'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE. I just hate cardio and running doesn't make much sense to me. But I have legs like a gazelle and I want to put them to use!

So what do you guys think? You think I can make it? I want you guys to join in, too! The more people, the merrier. And I need motivation because I live two miles from McDonalds and I love french fries. 

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