29 June 2013

Cara Box Reveal!

Cara Box

This month marks my third Cara Box exchange and I keep having more and more fun with it. I still love and stalk my two original partners from my match, Chelsey and Laura. Both are fantastic women and this month's partners were also exceptional.

For this month, Miss Rita Marie at Champagne-n-Pizza sent me an amazing Carnival-themed package. It was great getting to find her blog and read about her home decor and the fun stuff she does with her hubby. Not to mention she always has really great, high quality pictures. 

This month I also was able to send to Camille and because she lives on the other side of the earth (Arizona) her box (hopefully) arrived just yesterday and hopefully it is all in tact! 

Now on to my goodies :)

First, please let's take a minute to appreciate how amazing this packing job is. She fit everything in this teeny box and it all fit. Mind blown. 

All my goodies and a beautiful and super creative letter from Rita Marie herself. 

Candy! All wrapped up and pretty :)

And a sparkler was included as well and I will definitely be putting this to use on the 4th!

Very pretty gold polish. I already painted my thumb randomly this gold color and I loved it. Now I just need a tan and I will be 100% bronzed goddess.

My favorite would probably be this lip gloss tin. The gloss tastes so fruity that I end up just licking it off. But how cute is this vintage tin? I am obsessed with it. 

I love the Cara Box exchanges and always look forward to them. I definitely got spoiled this month and am super excited for next month's nautical theme as well. 

So thank you again Rita Marie! 


  1. Glad you loved your box! I thought the tattoo nail things might make for a fun pedicure or you could exchange them for something else you'd like more! :)

    That gold- I bought it for me, too. The color "Snake Charmer" was so super fitting. :)

    1. I love it! I tried to use it as a French tip over black and it looked amazing.. but only on my left hand because I can't for the life of me paint my nails with my left hand! But I love it, love it! Thank you again :)

  2. the lip product looks lovely :)

    Please do come visit my blog and enter my giveaway :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by and I will definitely check out your blog as well!

  3. OoOo love this!! That nail color is gorgeous! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

    1. Thanks! Hugs from Boston! :)

  4. You can stalk me forever! I plan on randomly showing up and Pedro's place and just saying..."Hi, you don't know me but can you send Jessica over? We are blog friends." Not that I have any idea where he works but I will just go up to ever bar in town until I find one with soccer on. LOL. Cute stuff. Love the polish. I am kind of a polish...ho!

    1. You remember where I live right... Plainville.. There is literally one Mexican restaurant I am sure you can find it haha!

  5. I agree with you, it is a great box!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Don't forget about the switch to BlogLovin!


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