10 June 2013

My #SpringFever Vox Box

So I was lucky enough to receive Influenster's Spring Fever Vox Box this past month and because promptness is something that I value yet never follow, I am only posting about it now. 

But it was a fun little box to receive and I loved the surprise of not knowing what was inside. Ha that's totally a lie. I watched like 70 unboxing videos before I opened mine and then I tore into it the minute the postman dropped it off. Not ashamed. 

Does anyone else Google what's coming in their VoxBox or subscription boxes? I always Google 
previews of my ipsy box a month in advance. I hate surprises. Even "good" ones. 

So anyways, here is the awesome stuff I got that I am sure you have already seen on 36 other blogs before mine:

Full disclosure: There was a delicious s'more flavored TastyKake that unfortunately was devoured before this photo was taken. RIP. 

So my favorite out of the VoxBox was for sure the NYC Applelicious lip balm. It smells divine, tastes great (we are supposed to lick it off, right?) and has a nice subtle red color. I have been using this stuff  a lot.

What I haven't been using so much? The imPress press-on nails. After the TastyKake, these guys were the first thing I wanted to try. I followed the instructions 100% and slapped them on. Pressed them on tightly and voila: 

Yes, they look like crap. My pinky looks fantastic though, you have to admit that one at least looks good. 

So a few things:
1- It was hard for me to make these look natural. I tried to match the shapes and sizes but it was pretty fruitless. Only like two fingers looked natural. And it was basically my two pinkies. The most useless appendages of all. 

2- They did not stick. As in, they came off within 2 hours. As in I got so annoyed I just picked them all off and was thisclose to getting the super Gorilla glue to seal them to my nails but then I remembered that I was mildly educated and that this was a very bad idea. 

So basically. Don't waste your money. 

Then I got some deodorant:

What can I say about deodorant? It's great. Smells nice. Doesn't leave any annoying white marks. Makes me feel cool and fresh. And due to my ambiguous Middle Eastern roots, I also sweat a lot so I appreciate any kind of deodorant. Especially free deodorant. No complaints here. 

Lastly I got some fancy shmancy hair product from Schwarzkopf: 

I have used it a couple of times. I like it because I am not a hair gel kind of gal, but it doesn't look or feel as stiff as hair gel. Also my boyfriend is a hair gel fiend and was impressed with this. That means a lot seeing as he is pretty much a connoisseur of hair gel. 

Did you guys get a Vox Box? Were you impressed? Share your thoughts and feelings with me!


  1. What a bummer they didn't stick! That pinky looks pretty cool, though! :)

    1. Thanks! I liked the design a lot too... I may get desperate and use super glue- why not?


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