07 June 2013

The Week That Passed in a Minute

Hello world. 

It's 1:20am on a Friday and I am finally sitting down to blog. 

Where do the days go? 

Since I last blogged on Sunday, I've been struggling a little bit. Between the everyday symptoms of my Lyme combined with this round of treatment, I have been getting my ass handed to me. 

I have been dealing with constant nausea, headaches that leave me really just useless, pretty bad brain fog and chronic fatigue. I have been able to make it around max 6 hours awake before I crash and need to sleep. And this is after having slept 12 hours the night before. I even ended up having to sleep between my classes at school yesterday just to make it through the day. 

Needless to say it has been very, very frustrating. Some tears may have been shed this week but luckily I have an amazing support team backing me up. 

But I happily informed my supervisor I would be taking time off and started that new marketing position and it's super interesting and I am already learning a lot. I'm delving into SEO strategies and graphic design and I get to do it all at home so I am in heaven.

Plus I can manage my fatigue so much more easily by throwing in a nap here and there and I can manage all my meds and schedule my day around them which makes it easier to control for some of the symptoms. Win win. 

Now I am off to Bloglovin land to catch up and to send my Cara Box partner an email to introduce myself! Not sure what I will be doing with this theme... It's definitely a challenging one!


  1. I'm so sorry you're going through all this :( at least you can work from home to manage your symptoms better.
    On a side note Ive been creeping on your blog for about a week and I love your blog! You're very errr mellow/dramatic ;) Very fun to read :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! I think that is a lovely and very unique compliment so I'll be happy to take it :) I like your blog as well- I'm finding my inner girly girl but you need to post more! I need more inspiration!!

  2. Thanks for stoppiong by my blog and leaving a comment!! Sucks you have to go thru all of that but it seems like you have good handle on it!

    Stay strong :)

    oh and btw your dog is adorbale!

    1. Thanks and I love your blog too... It was a good find :) And he knows he's cute too so that's why he's so much trouble!


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