02 June 2013

Spending Freeze

Remember that fun little post I wrote a couple days ago... Retail Therapy? Yeah I have been doing some shopping. 

Some highlights include some shorts from Old Navy (it's hot! I needed them), some home accessories (also somewhat needed... Sort of) and a shit ton of make-up courtesy of CVS 75% off sale. Oh, and I also bought 12 boxes of Suddenly Salad and over 12 boxes of cereal at Family Dollar. And while I technically did use coupons for everything at CVS and Family Dollar, I still technically did spend about $20 at both (factoring in that I did receive $4 Extra Bucks at CVS and $10 CRT's at Family Dollar. But let's face it, that is fake money). 

So I randomly popped into my bank account app on my phone that I tend to avoid like the plague because it usually depresses me and I was shocked to discover a shockingly low number. 

How could this be? I just had a pay-day on Thursday. 

And then I reviewed all my purchases and realized that "Oh hey, those add up fast"

$3 here and $7 there and $1.50 there and poof! I'm poor again. 

I at least comforted myself by knowing that for about 5 days of the month, that treacherous time between pay day and rent is due day, I am at least part of the 94%. As in, I can afford to eat at Chili's but definitely not afford to fully fill up my gas tank. That is how the 94% live right?

But this morning I quickly realized I am back down to the 99.987% at least until June 13th. 

Which leads me to make the drastic decision of committing myself to a spending freeze for the month of June. 

As in 
  • No couponing for the month unless I can do so with my $4 in ExtraBucks and $10 Family Dollar fake money. 
  • Eating out only once a week (Thursdays- our day off)
  • No more fast food runs and convincing myself that it's okay because I am a modern woman and need not be enslaved to a kitchen
  • No more clothes shopping
  • No more make-up buying even if it is 75% off and I have $2 off coupons essentially making it 12 cents. STILL NOT OKAY JESS.
  • No more online shopping. Even just browsing, putting shit into my virtual basket and looking at it every 12 minutes. That is like sending a bottle of wine to an alcoholic and asking them to just look at it. You know they will drink and I know I will buy the hell out of that basket. 
I doubt I will make it the month. I totally believe in myself and whatnot but I also know I am a hopeless American consumer and it's not my fault- society raised me this way. 

BUT I will try my dardest because teaching myself self-restraint is important and I be broooooke. 

So wish me luck. I'll keep you updated with my failure  how I am doing. Seeing as I already purchased a Caramel Coolata at Dunkin Donuts this morning (it's hot guys! I was perspiring!) I am not off to the greatest of starts. Oops.


  1. Thank God you have a lot of Suddenly Salad to eat this month! I call that thrfty thinking. Lol

    1. haha don't forget my 14 boxes of Cheerios!

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    That eCard is way too close to home. As in, it's taken over my life. We get paid semi-monthly (a/k/a, twice a month) and itt SUCKS. I feel like I'm ALWAYS on a spending freeze because I'll be broke if I spend money on anything other than bills. Girl, I feel you. Good luck with your freeze.


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