30 July 2013

Tall Tails: My Dog is a Terrorist

This week I am linking up with Adriana at Dog Hair is an Accessory and Katie at Understated Whimsy for this Tuesday's link-up:

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Now I have a furbaby named Moose, or as my father affectionately calls him, "that little terrorist". Moose is a destroyer. He will eat and tear apart anything. He has chewed through our carpet, dug a hole in our mattress, eaten at least 10 pairs of shoes, destroyed three dog beds and numerous toys. Oh and some pillows, too.

Now doesn't he look cute and innocent behind bars like that? Those are lies. From the day he came home, he was our little destroyer.

Moose loves anything with stuffing and he gets endless satisfaction out of destroying it and spreading that fluffy white crap throughout the house.

I have a small collection of some of the random things Moose has destroyed throughout his (extremely) short life:

A pillow. 

Rolls of paper towels. Please note that there are three different toys in the picture and yet he chooses to chew the paper towels.

He went through a phase where he ate his puppy pee pads.

One of the worst. A puppy pee pad AND my coupon collection. I was livid. To this day, I have no idea how he even got the coupons from the counter to the floor. 

My favorite sandals. One of 6 pairs of sandals he ate this season (including THREE pairs of flip flops I kept re-purchasing). 

I have no idea why Moose is so inspired to destroy. He loves paper products and anything with stuffing. I theorize that it is just generally satisfying to tear an entire roll of toilet paper apart and strew it throughout the house. I've never tried it, so who knows? Maybe Moose is rebelling because I torture him and do stupid stuff like this in the name of "bonding":

But even though Moose is our little destroyer, we still love him and he is and always will be our little baby boy. Even if it isn't so little anymore...

Once a baby, always a baby. 


  1. totally hilarious. visit dogshaming.com; some of the things you see there will make your little moose look liken an angel!

    i always go to that site for a few laughs when i'm feeling down or need to relax.

  2. omg moose!!!!!!!!! haha. i'm so blessed scoobs has yet to chew anything.

  3. haaha that last picture- Lil makes that face all the time! and yea she also fucks shit up on a regular basis. she's in the crate when we aren't home.

  4. Moose is why I have little dogs. They cause chaos but they are limited to the amount of places their short legs can reach!! He's cute...that's your problem! He is too cute!!!


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