31 July 2013

Perks of Dating a Mexican

In the past almost two years of dating Pedro, I have seen that there have been many perks to dating a Mexican. In addition to him being an amazing person and confusingly patient, he is also a proud full-blooded Mexican. While Mexicans continually get a bad rap here in the States, I decided to focus on the many positive qualities that come from dating a Mexican man. 

1. Tacos.
This one is self explanatory. Tacos are delicious and because my boyfriend is Mexican, he has a genetic predisposition which causes him to crave them which basically means that tacos are a major food group in our house.

2. We know somewhere everywhere we go.
Every time we step out of our apartment, Pedro will inevitably run into someone he knows. I am convinced there is some secret newsletter that goes around to all Mexicans which is how they all know each other. In reality it is probably just because they are social and that is not something I excel at. But this is a great perk because it makes me look popular and forces me to put effort into my appearance on the rare occasion we do leave our apartment.

3. When you marry them, you will automatically gain 10,000 new family members.
10,000 is a slight exaggeration... but not really. Pedro has gone through his entire family with me at least a dozen times and I still have no idea who half of them are. It doesn't help that 98% of them have three or more names first names. And seeing as how I grew up with half my family living on another continent and the other half we politely ignored, I think it will be fun to have a new massive family/constantly available babysitters.

4. Your boyfriend speaks Spanish.
Which let's face it... super sexy.

5. You always get invited to parties. 
Well, technically it is your boyfriend who gets the invite but as the plus one you still get to go. And Mexicans have awesome blow-outs for everything: birthdays (I have decided the theme for my upcoming 25th birthday will be the quincenera that I never had complete with pink puffy dress), weddings, births, Thursdays... and the list goes on. And the best part is, you usually never even need to be officially invited. Sometimes you can just show up and nobody will kick you out. And the best best part? Sometimes the parties even have... tacos.

Any of you lucky ladies snag yourself a Mexican? Enjoy tacos? Like my quincenera dress?


  1. Mmm.. Tacos. It's great that you're so open to all of his friends and family members! I know too many girls that don't like that. Which makes no sense to me!

  2. having a quincenera sounds like the best idea ever! also I like that you listed tacos as the number one reason hahah

  3. tacos are DEFINITELY yummy! so is pico de gallo!

  4. My boyfriend and I are both half-Hispanic so these resonate a lot with me. Tacos are a staple. I never had a quincenera because I thought they were tacky but tacos, yes. Now I want tacos. My family is hugeeeee. So true. Unfortunately, neither of us speaks Spanish. womp womp

  5. LOVE the quincenera theme!! It's like prom but only you get to the center of attention. Also tacos all day everyday. Tom's best friend is from Argentina and his girlfriend is Mexican but born in the states. I fucking love visiting them.

  6. Tacos would be number one on my list too! I could eat them everyday. My best friend through high school was Mexican. Every single thing on this list fits him to a T. Especially the people he knows. I swear we'd run into someone he knew every five seconds!

  7. haha! Chips and salsa. That is all I want. Chips and salsa. You can save the meat. I have been dreaming of chips and salsa for 3 days. If you ask me what my last meal will be it will be chips, salsa and a margarita. I may go out fat but I will go out happy. Okay, maybe with a fajita and taco to go. You have to come to Texas and visit me...bring Pedro. We have tons of Mexicans here he can talk Spanish with, I promise! :)


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