13 July 2013

Week 3 of My Getting Sexy Challenge

It is officially Week 3 of the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge and this week was fantastic for me. Much better than the previous two weeks where I was just kind of... ehh. 

One of the challenges from last week was to ditch the scale. And I think for the remainder of the 12 weeks, I will keep that scale locked up and away. I easily get obsessed by the numbers and because my scale isn't digital, so it is even more annoying trying to figure out if I lost or gained 1 pound or not. I rather check my scale at the end of the 12 weeks and see a significant change. Fingers crossed.

I have been killing it at the gym this week. I went every day except for Wednesday due to it being my last day of my summer semester! And by killing it, I mean I attack that equipment until I am dripping wet and nasty and starting to smell. I love it. 

I have also started running. I have a 5k Color Run in October and I would like to actually run it instead of my original plan to woggle (walk + jog + jiggle) it. 

My eating is better, too. The last 2 days I definitely went off my plan but I am planning to pick it up and make next week amazeballs. Especially because I am leaving for NYC in 2 weeks and want to feel my best!

Now I am off to enjoy my Lifetime movies for the next 4 hours. Have a great weekend!


  1. that is so awesome!! i love that you're committing to ditching the scale; that thing is a lying whore anyway. since i started my journey on jan 1 2012, i have only looked at the scale twice. i have no idea how much i weigh but i'm guessing around 130lbs. who really knows nor do i care; all i care about are my measurements and if i'm getting more muscle definition.

    congrats!! keep it up :)

  2. I am scale-obsessed. I *maybe* talk to it. Congrats on having a great week!!

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Go you! What are you going to be in NYC for?


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