14 August 2013

These are My Confessions

Remember this? Of course you do.

PS: Where is Usher these days?

  • I read absolutely no books this Summer, but you know I saw every episode of Animal Hoarders
  • I have now gone with 5 days of not putting the sheets on the bed due to pure laziness.
  • I am on a new cleanse for the next 30 days that a friend talked me into. It's not horrible. It's not great. We shall see...
  • I am digging the whole sponsorship on blog thing. I've sponsored one blog and she's awesome and keep checking her out because I have a guest post appearing on there soon.
  • Bloggers that manage to post a new blog daily confuse me. How is this done?
  • Speaking of which I have like 200 unread blogs in my Bloglovin' feed. I know I'll just get frustrated and ignore them all, but seriously how do people blog full time? The minute I get online, I get sidetracked within 76 seconds. 
  • Which also reminds me I have a ton of emails to respond to. Don't worry guys- I'll come to you!
  • I don't do Twitter. I tried it. I just don't like it. I am the 1%.
  • I have seen like 3,000 bloggers post pictures of wine and bagel bites. Do I also need to do this? Is there a particular wine that should accompany this delicacy? 
  • I have around 200 full size makeup products just chilling in my apartment. I received 95% of them via couponing and have no idea what to do with them. The hoarder in me has a compulsive need to keep them forever and refer to them as "my treasures" and possibly kidnap a neighborhood child one day so I can make her into a Toddler and Tiaras girl with all the shit I own... Too far?
  • I also spend like 30 hours watching makeup gurus make videos on YouTube. I never try to copy them because I am naturally afraid of failure but they have a weird, calming effect on me. 
  • I am in the market to buy some chairs. I really want a fancy fabric covered chair but I can't talk myself into spending over $100 for a chair I am convinced I can make myself with a hot glue gun. I know I can't really make it and I'll break down and just buy one eventually. 

There are a million more random thoughts bopping around in my head but I figured this list would be enough to give you a little glimpse into the madness behind it all. 

Hope you are all having a great Hump Day!


  1. Usher's been trying to make sure his kids don't get into any more accidents near a pool...

    And I agree.. Twitter is not for me!

  2. sometimes i let the email (comments) get out of control that i just clear my entire inbox all in one shot and just go and comment on their site.

    for the makeup, do a giveaway! that's what i did. i amassed so much (full sizes) makeup from events that i had a whole bag and did a giveaway.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL! I can sometimes post two blogs in a day.. now, whether they are any good or not, that's a different question. And normally that's because I'm off work, the house is clean, nothing is on tv, and I'm bored as hell!

  4. boxed white goes well with bagel bites.

    also guest post next week yo! (probably wednesday)


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