20 September 2013

What life is like once you stop having one

Full disclosure: this is going to be a whiny and moderately obnoxious post about how I'm super busy, am seriously neglecting personal hygiene and am slowly morphing into a miserable bitch. But there's gifs so lets call it even? Everyone loves gifs.

I started my clinic internship this week. And it is not what I expected. Because let's face it- expectations suck. 

I spent one day of my internship outing away clothes and another trying to track down Oscar winning actress viola Davis. Yeah because this is what social workers do- Google stalk celebrities.

Whatever moving on. I also decided that I hate life and joy an anything good in life so I picked up a Wednesday 14 hour overnight shift every week. This will most assuredly fuck up my sleep schedule and put an extra $130 in my pocket each week. Home girl needs to pay her bills.

So in whatever free time I did have this week, I spent it getting gross sloppy kisses from my dog and crying hysterically to YouTube videos like this:

Oh and did I mention that I have my period this week?

Excuse me while I go and rock back and forth in a corner for the next 4 hours or basically the amount of time before I get to go back home, tuck myself into bed and finally end this dreadful day that began at 5:30am this morning. 

OK- my pity party is over. 

Now that I have a somewhat idea of what my life will be like, I am going to get better at time management and all that shit so I can actually dedicate time to returning emails and blogging because I love this shit and miss it. 

How do you guys balance life? What's the secret? Is it cocaine? Because I am totally willing to go down that route if you guys recommend it....


  1. Thanks to your dog/soldier homecoming videos I am now spending my Friday night crying. Ugh.

    And it is cocaine? Cuz I am not willing to revisit my party days if that's what it takes to keep up in blogland. But I do wonder how these other gals do it sometimes!

  2. ha! i wrote a similar post to this one on thursday because right now work is sucking major bag.

    balance...hard to achieve at times but requires work. with a kid it can get challenging but my husband is here so i make damn sure everything is split 50/50 from a house chore/child-rearing perspective.

    1) remember that while work is important, it isn't everything. <-- took me years to learn this!

    2) dedicate your brain when at work and then when it's home time, switch that shit right off. then go get yourself a big glass of wine to help you forget about all that bullshit.

    3) make sure there are clear lines between your home life and work life meaning, do not make it a habit of taking work home with you because it can easily turn into a "regular thing". trust me on this one; similar with #1, took me years to learn this. sometimes this needs to happen but try not to make it a habit.

    4) when you're at work, dedicate ONE FULL HOUR of uninterrupted time towards cleaning out your email inbox and prioritizing what needs to be done for the day. then work at crossing that shit off the list (or at least all the high priority ones).

    5) i get in super early at the office to get shit done. you have no idea how EASY it is to get stuff done when no one is there demanding shit from you and ruining your work mojo. i can clear out 2 days worth of work in the first 2.5hrs at the office (i get there around 7am; ppl start filing in around 930am)

    6) at home, clean the shit that needs cleaning and if there are a few dishes in the sink, so be it. it's not going to kill anyone. sometimes a little clutter left for a few days isn't going to hurt

    7) to avoid laundry piling up, do a small load mid-week. i've had to do this since having kayla and it really does help. when i see that massive mondo mountain of laundry when i don't do it, i just want to hide and cry and then i hate myself for not following my schedule.

    8) at the end of it all, you get to go home and eat your gun. LOL kidding! but having a schedule for house work really does work/help

    good luck!!

  3. Girl, I'm hoping it gets better for ya. I know it will. Week one of something that crazy ALWAYS sucks! Just remember that :-). There IS an adjustment period, so hang in there!

    I had to change my life and priorities while going through something like that. I agree, laundry and dishes and vacuuming can wait. You've got to take care of yourself! Also, if it's available to you, take a day JUST FOR YOU every now and then. Do what you love (mine was always vegging out in front of the tv watching sappy movies or reading a book with glass of wine in hand).

    And blogging took a major hit for me, but scheduling those posts became my lifesaver! I'm a huge fan, now, too! Aaaannnd, do what you did here and VENT about stuff! Whether it be on your blog or to someone in person or email or whatever. Don't bottle it up!

    Hope this helps! If not, there's always cocaine, right? ;-)

  4. i've been very whiny and life hating lately too. big time. too bad we couldn't go hate the world together over some drinks.
    oh and NO cocaine is not the way. you will need more than an extra $130 a week to make it and trust me, it's still never enough. downward.spiral.central.


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