23 March 2013

Things I am looking forward to...

My weekends suck. And are basically non-existent. 

Fridays I work an overnight shift from 6pm to 7am. From 7:30am to about 12:00pm, I come home and crash. Then I drop off the boyfriend at work, come home and shower and am off to work my Saturday 2pm to 9pm shift. Then I come home and sleep and work a Sunday shift. And then somehow it's Monday. 

So you definitely won't be coming here to read all those fun "Weekend Updates" that the other cool girls do. I literally do not remember the last time I stepped into a bar. Unless we are counting my boyfriend's which I don't because I literally just go there to eat free food and watch cable TV. 

But my life is about to change! For almost 1 year I have worked every.single. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Starting in April, however, I will be a (semi) free woman! 

I will cease working Saturdays!

I will get to sleep more than 3 hours! I will get to enjoy sunlight! And yard sales! And fresh air! And I will get to go to the dog park and chase balls with my puppy. 

I wonder if this is how they felt when the Berlin Wall came down? It's practically the same, right?

Other things I am looking forward to include:
  • NASW (Nat'l Association of Social Worker's) LEAD Day on Monday!
  • Handing in my damn paper on Tuesday
  • ....And skipping Tuesday's night class to fulfill my Jewish obligations of eating a piece of Matzah and sleeping for 17 hours
  • Presenting my damn project on Wednesday (talk about freedom- once I am done with that, 100% of my grade is determined and I can flake for the rest of the semester)
  • My day off on Thursday which always includes tacos!
And that's it for now, but it's enough for me!

What things are you guys looking forward to this week?

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