04 April 2013

Blog Challenge

I love getting my monthly ipsy box. I eagerly check my email in anticipation of its arrival and am constantly on the search for another subscription service. I haven't really found any that tickle my fancy so I was so excited to see Caitlyn at Wifessionals host a monthly Cara Box where bloggers send each other personalized boxes filled with fun swag. Awesome, right?

Anyways as I was scoping out the blogger that had drawn my name in the match-up, Laura at Simply me, the way I see it, was doing a blog challenge and as a new blogger myself, I thought it might be a fun challenge to try.

The challenge comes from Rachel at Randomness with Rachel and all kudos go to her for starting the challenge. So, without further to do, I present day one of the 30 Day Blog Challenge:

1. Post a picture of yourself with 10 facts
Here is a picture of me, not the most flattering but it's the most recent and includes Moose so obviously I had to choose it:
1. I have watched every single Law & Order: SVU episode. 
Like seriously. Every. Single. Episode. I am not feeling the newer episodes so much (I miss Elliot), but I will watch this show until it either gets canceled or I die. Whichever may happen first. 

2. I am a fan of FC Barcelona. 
Love, love, love the team. I haven't been able to watch as many games this year due to my crazy work schedule, but I still follow most games online and on social media. And because of my obsession with watching the matches, I ended up meeting my boyfriend today. Awwww... 

3. I am an extreme couponer. 
I am definitely not like the couponers you see on TLC, but I do coupon and when I coupon, I coupon hard. And yes, I do have a stockpile. I am planning to do a post on it later on but it needs some serious organization help. 

4. I love cheesy bread. 
5. I love to travel. 
I really do. Due to school and work, I haven't been out of the country since August (almost one year!) And since I was young, I regularly traveled either with my parents or on my own. I have been to a lot of places and I have also traveled extensively solo which I also love. I am saving up now and looking forward to traveling in the near future with my boyfriend abroad as well. 

6. I'm a really, really, really bad liar. 
I just don't like it. And I'm bad at it. 

7. I still shower with Hannah Montana body wash. 
$1.50 at Ocean State Job Lot. Worth every penny. 

8. I eat tacos at least once a week. 

9. I'm a feminist. 
My idol <3
And not a "feminist, but...". A feminist. I believe men and women are equal. Simple, right?

10. I love top 40 music. 
And I will sing to ever song even though I don't know any of the lyrics. 

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