03 April 2013

Gettin' Healthy

It is no exaggeration that I have been sick every single month this winter. My immune system is about as strong as a three week old baby. It's pathetic.

But it's also partly my fault. I never drink enough water. For a long time, my sole vegetable intake has consisted of pizza toppings and sleep was more of an option than a necessity. 

All these poor decisions have culminated in an overworked immune system, a few extra pounds and a lot of unnecessary stress on an already super-stressed person.

But that is all going to change. 

I am embarking not on a diet. Not on a weight loss journey. Nay. I am embarking on a lifestyle change

I am aiming to change the way I live so that I can just be healthier. 

Healthier as in having enough energy to make it through the day, to play more with Moose, to not put off cleaning the dishes for 3 weeks, to commit to those extra readings on the syllabus and to just generally live more and be sick less. 

One way I want to go about this is to eat way healthier. I have sadly let Shondra, my inner fat kid, dictate for too long what (and how much) I should be eating. Shondra is happy to live her life as a morbidly obese house-bound agoraphobe. I, however, am not. 

My juicer arrived Monday and tomorrow I plan on hitting up the supermarket to stock up on some fresh veggies. I also am planning to commit to a more lean protein and veggie diet and say goodbye to carbs for awhile. 

Secondly, I want to start gyming again. I was pretty consistent for awhile and I really do enjoy going.  With my stressful job and my stressful school life, self care is a top priority for me. But with me being sick and having my huge presentation to prepare for, it just fell to the wayside. No more excuses. I got some sick new beats (thanks Taytay!) and lord knows I own enough sports bras. I'm going. 

Thirdly, I want to take care of my physical space more. I want my home to be an oasis. Lately I arrive home each day and wonder if I have been robbed and then quickly realize that I have not, my puppy had just discovered how to open the cabinet and found his way into the trash. I also easily get overwhelmed by mess and rather than tackle it straight on, I sit and watch HSN for five hours. Yeah, not healthy.

And lastly, I want to healthy-fy my finances. I have recently cut back some hours in a trade-off for sanity and need to make sure my finances are in super-duper order in order to accommodate this decrease. That means spreadsheets and less visits to Target, but I'm serious about healthy-fying my life and this is definitely something that needs to get reined in. 

So that's my plan. I am going to try reallllly hard to stick with it. Hopefully blogging about it will make me more accountable. Hopefully. 

How about you guys? Do you have any trouble keeping a healthy lifestyle? How do you manage it?

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