08 April 2013

Monday Funday

How is it Monday already?

This weekend flew by and I was incredibly unproductive.

Luckily I don't work until 6pm Mondays so I got to sneak in some major cleaning that was desperately needed after Mr. Moose tipped over the garbage and decided to go looking for treasure. Just an average day here.

I'm also on...

Day five of the 30 Day Blog Challenge asks, the meaning of your Twitter and/or Instagram name?

My Twitter handle is jessicaestrlla (Follow me!) It is my name (Jessica) + my middle name (Estrella) - the second 'e' because that name was already taken. 

My instagram name is freefalafel (Follow me!) and I have had that name forever. Not really sure why, maybe my love for alliteration?

Today I am also linking up for Monday Mingling! 

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