15 April 2013

On Living in Fear

Today started off as a celebration for me. A celebration of the birthday of my second home, Israel. 

Around 4pm today, the day turned tragic as I learned that my home city of Boston had been the victim of two explosions. 

The explosion was not only simple and cruel, but effective: one explosion to incite chaos and panic, a second one to follow which will target the first responders. 

Having lived in Israel, I am no stranger to suicide bombs, bus bombs, cafe bombs, missile attacks, gun fire. I have had to flee to a bomb shelter and have fallen asleep to the sound of mortar crashing. 

Yet back in the States, I was always safe. 9/11 has become a distant, horrific memory. I keep my eyes peeled for events happening back in Israel and am always the first one to send a quick group text to my friends, "Are you guys OK?"

Today I was the recipient of that message and it felt really odd. 

Thinking of everyone in Boston today. Tomorrow I will be back in school and back in the Fenway area. Tomorrow we, as a city, will attempt to rebuild and regain that sense of safety we have. But until tomorrow, we mourn. Tomorrow we build, today we mourn. 

In the words of every Israeli who has lived through a terrorist attack on their country, yiyiheh besder, it will be okay. 

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  1. I'm glad you are okay! Prayers to you and your family and friends.


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