18 April 2013

Queen of DIY

I took a few days off of the internet to chill a little. Monday was a very emotional day in my state and Tuesday I had classes in Boston in the Fenway area and because I am a grad student in Social Work we spent the good first half of my class de-briefing and it was interesting to hear everyone digest. Actually one classmate had been in New York City during 9/11 and had been at the marathon as well. Crazy. 

I have been doing some really good self care though (my favorite thing!). And one of the ways I have been doing that is by investing in the home. 

My home is not... my favorite. It's not the nicest apartment, but it's close to my boyfriend's job so he can walk and it's about 15 minutes to my job, 20 from my internship and an hour from my school. I would love to live in closer to Boston but that is just not in the (financial) cards for us now. And my motto is, be poor now, be somewhat less poor later.*

My first DIY project is to attempt to make something like this:

I went and bought 2 candlesticks an 2 plates and a little bowl at Savers. I have already spray-painted the two candlesticks black and the plates gold (I always forget to take the before pictures) and today am purchasing my glue gun so I can stack these suckers up. It's a lot taller than I had expected and I am thinking I will be using it for jewelry, but I will have to see where my feelings take me. 

But even worse now, I have like a spray paint addiction. I have been just aimlessly walking around my apartment being like "Dude, I can totally spray paint that". And now I want to spray paint my dresser and my night stand. I want to spray paint my carpet. 

I also put together my vanity! It looks great and once my boyfriend wakes up (it's 6:30am on our day off so I figure I'll let him sleep in a little) I will get some pictures. 

I also randomly removed the doors from only 2 of my four cabinets in the kitchen. Again, I had just assembled my desk, spray painted some plates and had a screwdriver in my hand. Nothing in my apartment was safe. I felt like the DIY queen. I had a high, I swear. It was actually, now that I think about it, the paint fumes- but it's too late for regret, those doors are off!

This is what I am envisioning in my head:

Today is my day off and I have a 60% off coupon at Jo-Ann Fabrics and some Pinterest pictures in hand and I will DIY the hell out of today.

I am the DIY Queen!

*I'm going to be a social worker. I have by now accepted the reality I will be very, very poor. 

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