21 April 2013

The Longest Week

It is Sunday today, meaning that the longest and most dramatic week ever has finally ended. 

Last night I ended up on in Boston and it felt great to be in the city and feel the energy. It was jubilant and relaxed all at the same time. It was a great feeling. I could probably go a few months without hearing 'Sweet Caroline' again, but then that's probably just because I'm crotchety and secretly jealous I can't sing for shit. 

Last night I also went with my future sister-in-law and mom to a murder mystery dinner at the Elephant and the Castle. 

I loved it. The actors had so much energy and the crowd was amazing and totally participated. The food was technically awful but because I love awful food, I was in heaven. 

It was nice to unwind and relax after such a crazily stressful week. Between the Boston attacks and subsequent manhunt to finishing up my last week of this semester at school to work stress, it was nice to just sit back and eat some cold chicken and enjoy a nice, old-fashioned murder while sipping Shirley Temples. 

Life is good, folks. 

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