09 May 2013

Finding my inner Sasha Fierce

So I mentioned a little while back that I may be carrying around a little extra... cushion. Great for winter insulation, not so great for buttoning up my favorite pair of jeans.

So I am finding my inner Sasha Fierce and making a genuine effort to drop some pounds, get some energy and just feel better in my clothes. Because let's face it, I'm vain and want to rock my skirts without having to worry about my, as Pedro affectionately calls them my "lovely handles" (Actually he genuinely believes that is what they are called. I love me a man that isn't a native English speaker). 

Anyways I have been eating 100 times better. Not perfect, but a lot better. AND I finally went to the gym yesterday AND today. That's two days in a row, guys. I barely even manage to shower two days in a row!

And I started the Couch to 5K program at the gym today. I totally rocked it. I mean, I hated every minute of it, but I totally rocked it. 

I also started following a lot of fitness blogs and have really been getting inspired. I don't think without the blog community I would have gotten my butt in check, so thanks guys! 

Going to enjoy my day off with some Law and Order and tacos!

Happy Thursday chicas :)


  1. Yummie tacos....and good job on the gym!

    1. Tacos were delicious and I surprised myself and only ate 2. Small victories, right?!

  2. lovely handles, that's hilarious!

    1. I know! I will never correct him- ever!

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I need to get on C25K. I have the app on my phone and I did Day 1, oohhh, about 2 months ago. Perhaps, today?


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