10 May 2013

Friday Happies and Crappies

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Today I am linking up with Sarah at Scissors and a Whisk for some Happies and Crappies. I saw these all the time on blogs and I have been in a blogging funk lately so this seemed like a good solution!

1. Started my summer classes this week and I LOVED them. Sure, there is a ton of work but my classmates seem fantastic. Which brings me to...

2. My Racism class! Yes, such a fun topic right? But I love it because we have such a diverse group of classmates and I think the discussions we will be having will be so eye opening. AND our professor is super chill and laid back and sees himself more as a "facilitator" so basically that means A++++.

3. I got to finally give Moose a bath. He had surgery 2 weeks ago and has just been so grimy. I bathed him last night and he is soft and smells good again. When Moose just wakes up, he's super cranky and groggy. When I take him out to pee, he can't walk straight and basically looks like he's druuuuuunk. So he insists on peeing with his leg up but he can't balance himself, so yes, every morning my dog pees on himself. Every morning.

4. My mom is graduating from nursing school tomorrow! I am so proud of her and I am going to be decorating her cap for her. Love her and so so so so infinitely proud.

1. My mom's graduation means I have to leave at 9am tomorrow. I get home from my 13 hour overnight at 7:30am. My family is going out to lunch after. Meaning I won't get my Saturday nap until... 4pm? I am already cranky at the thought of it.

2. My apartment never seems to be able to get clean. No matter how much time I spend a day cleaning it, I simply turn around and there's crap everywhere again. It's like these little crappy fairies come in and make mischief and mess for shits and giggles. They suck.

3. I ate some spicy shrimp yesterday and today I am paying for it.

So my crappies aren't so bad, right? I am definitely not looking forward to work tonight. The current clients at the shelter are a little... high maintenance and can be very draining but I am hoping for an easy and relaxing night. I have already downloaded Safe Haven for me to watch tonight and have a slew of Miley Cyrus movies on back-up to help keep me awake.

Happy Friday!


  1. cute post - love your blog! Happy Friday!

    1. Aw thank you! And I just stalked your blog! Congrats and you're also amazingly pretty and I mean that in the most non-creepy way possible!

  2. I was just sitting at work thinking about how I need to clean...everything. Everything and throw away half of it!
    Moose's pictures on instagram are so cute...but you may be obsessed with your dog.
    My favorite class in college was my Race, Class, Gender class...and my Radio Television Film class. LOL
    Communications majors? LOL

    1. I know I'm totally obsessed.. But I can't take pics at work (that whole confidentiality stuff.. ya know), school is boring, I can never wait long enough to take any pictures of food before shoving it in my mouth and all my free time is either napping or hanging out with Moose. Instagram is a pretty good reflection on the lameness of my life!!

      And I need to do some major cleaning and purging! But I need some motivation!

  3. Hi, I found your blog from Just Stay Lovely! Are you in MA? I'm moving to Boston in July (from NJ but before that I was living in Israel). I feel like we have a lot in common from that alone! Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Emily! I am so glad you found me- we have a ton in common! I just read your about me and i am also obsessed with puppies if you can't tell! I do live in MA- in a really small town like ~30 minutes outside of the city. I go to grad school at Simmons so I am there a lot though... Congrats on the move- Boston is amazing! I also spent about 2 years in Israel and lived on a kibbutz for a couple months and then Tel Aviv. So yes, we have a crazy amount in common. I'm following you too now :)


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