15 May 2013

Girl Crush

Have you guys ever had a girl crush? The kind of crush where you meet a girl who is amazingly confident, cool, beautiful, interesting... perfect and all you want to do is stare into her sweet eyes, admire her poreless skin and stroke those long luscious locks?

Too much?

But seriously, I met such a girl today and I am totally crushing and I want to be friends with her and have her be my maid of honor and my firstborn's godchild and swing with her on my farmer's porch when we're in our nineties. 

I am in girl love with her. 

It was so great to meet someone so interesting... especially at school where I have been feeling like the odd one out. But we have so much in common and she is just so fascinating and popular and pretty. 

I sound super creepy and I am sure if she ever does find this somewhere down our BFF line, she will be super creeped out but because we're BFFFFFFs she'll just giggle and be like "Oh, Jessica" and send me off a funny text full of emojis and  I'll be like "LOL drinks l8er?" (I text like a 13 year old) and she will totally respond 5 seconds later "For sure girl!" and we will laugh about how awkward and insane I used to be before I met her and she made me cool and fabulous- just like herself. 

Have you guys ever had a girl crush? Did you succeed in making her your Best Friend Forever?

Is it too soon to order these?

1 comment:

  1. I have never had a girl crush but I have a good friend who I wish I could be more like. Mostly because she is so sweet!


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