17 May 2013

Happy Friday

If you have received an email from me (you lucky girls, you!), you probably notice that I sign my emails with "Happy [Insert Day of the Week Here]". It's stupid but I am not creative enough to come up with something snazzy. And I think I am above using 'Sincerely' and people that use anything else make me suspicious.

But anyways, Happy Friday!

Friday's are bittersweet for me. 

If I were to describe how I felt in Moose pictures, this is what it would be:

On the one hand, I don't have to work until 6pm. On the other hand, that is when the rest of civilization crawls out from under the cubicles and hiding spaces behind the water cooler to seek their own freedom. Meanwhile I'm locked down (And yes, I mean this quite literally as I work in a shelter and we literally are locked in) for 13 hours with nothing but some shotty internet and a pile of cheezits to entertain me. 

</self pity>

Anyways this weekend will be pretty jam packed. Normally I enjoy taking 16 hour naps on Saturdays and waking up around 9pm to enjoy 16 more hours of Lock Up. Tomorrow, however, I will be going shopping for party supplies for my mother's surprise 'Congrats You Graduated. Here is a Party in Your Honor Because We Feel Guilty We Honestly Didn't Know if You Would Make It". Seriously, though. I am so proud of my mom but we were nervous. But she did it! So we are going to celebrate with lots of jello shots (her favorite). 

So yes, I will be shopping with my brother's fiance who is... nice. 

Family. Doesn't that sum things up so tidily?

And then Sunday will be the party which I am mainly excited for because it means I ain't gotta work on Sunday! Wooo

So my weekend probably sounds superbly boring but trust me- this is the most exciting weekend I have had in mooooonths. 

Anyone else have more exciting plans for the weekend? Or are there any other shut-in recluses whose live's also revolve around MSNBC documentaries? If so, can we be friends?

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