14 May 2013

Vanity Time

Hello ladies. 

So awhile back I mentioned I was going to 'DIY' a vanity into my bedroom. And really the only DIY portion was putting the desk together. But technically I did do it myself. So, DIY... Right?

Anyways, here is the final product of the most awkward of awkward corners. 

There is a corner shelf that is about half-way between the floor and ceiling. It was too low to the ceiling to put a TV and too high up to use for storing clothes or anything. So it became a random decoration of things I have collected from my travels. 

So I threw up a lantern, a nargila from Morocco, some candles, my bracelets from India and just a fabric mat from Israel. A random collection for the most random space.


A closer view of the desk I totally assembled on my own. Yay women can do anything!
On the left side, in that blue box I keep allllll my samples and new products I have purchased and all my subscription box products. I am aiming to use one new product a day. 

Next to that I have all my pallets. I have like 4 so it's not a crazy amount. 

Underneath are 2 boxes for my nail polish and then a whole box dedicated to my Bare Escentuals stuff which I love. 

On the right side, the top drawer holds my "miscellaneous" aka shit I don't know what to do with so I threw it in a box and I'll deal with it later. And on the bottom is a little box with my hair dryer, straightener and different hair products. So organized! 

Random picture of my mint skinny jeans I am obsessed with because they're like 90% spandex and I am really thankful for that right now.

The left side of my desk has all my jewelry, perfume and make-up staples. 

The right side has my other moisturizers, make-up removers, toners, and cotton balls.

I did DIY this 3 tier tray and it's so awesome. I use it to hold bracelets on the bottom, perfume in the middle and my studs and glasses on the top. Love it. 

My favorite bowl that a friend gave me in Israel contains all my staples of make-up I use every day. 

 My favorite necklace gets the honor of hanging out on the faceless necklace holder. For now it is my hamsa necklace which has a really long chain and is gold and gorgeous and I love it more than my mother. Just kidding. Sort of. I really like it. 

 I am still tweaking it and figuring out ways to store everything efficiently. But I really love it and look forward to actually getting ready in the morning and I find that I am using a lot more of my stuff now that I can actually see it right in front of me!

Do you guys have vanities and if yes, I want to see pictures!


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Love the 3 tier tray for your jewellery! Great blog new follower!!

    1. Thanks girl! I made it following some Pinterest directions and it was my first DIY project :)


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