05 July 2013

Staying Positive

Staying positive is a challenge of mine. As I have been dealing with living with Lyme and understanding it may be a potentially chronic disease, it has been a little bit harder as well. 

Especially when I have days like this. 

Days which I fall asleep at 10pm too tired to watch the fireworks, wake up at 10:30am to drive my boyfriend to work, exhausted after that five minute drive so I come home and pass out and wake up at 2pm and realize that the day is almost over... And I am still exhausted. 

I definitely pushed it yesterday. And by pushed it, I mean I forced myself to keep going from 11am to 7pm and that just totally wiped me out. 


Especially considering I used to be a full-time student who would go out with friends regularly, work out, travel and knock out papers like nothing. 

I feel like a shadow of myself and on days like this, when going to the bathroom seems like climbing a mountain, it is frustrating as hell. 

So I went on Pinterest, looked at some pictures of puppies and found some quotes that I liked. I am thinking of going old school and making an "inspiration wall" in my room so I can have something to remind me to keep going and not feel defeated after days like this. 

Today I am going to cut myself some slack, take my time to get up, be thankful I do not have to work and try to make it where I at least take a little walk outside or even better, make it to the gym for a little. 

Just because it's tough doesn't mean it's impossible. 

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