25 July 2013

Watch Sexy Men Touch Their Man Boobies... And Let Me Ruin It For You

Today I am sharing with you something fun and lighthearted that I will then ruin with my over-analyzation and feminist rhetoric. 

Aaaaaaannnnnd go:

I am sharing a video with you all that is A) educational and B) filled with sexy men rubbing themselves.

Go ahead. Watch it.

Oh and this is where I put the part where this might be NSFW (not safe for work). So like take your phone with you into a bathroom stall or something. Go on, we'll wait. It's worth it.

Sexy, right?

Anyways the ad is from Rethink Breast Cancer and it shows some sexy men reminding you to check yo self, which is a great message. 

Now this video has received a ton of commentary mainly from men complaining of being objectified and then women replying "Welcome to the club biyatches!"

And because I own a vagina and consider myself a feminist I feel like I should throw in my two cents as well because... why not?

This ad is tongue in cheek. It is humorous and conveys an important message. But yes, having men in the ad half dressed reminding women to check themselves for breast cancer doesn't seem very... relevant. 

And yet, is Paris Hilton dancing on a car eating a cheeseburger relevant to the ad's purpose of selling cheeseburgers?

Or for instance, these ads:

Is having a sexy women dressed as a beer can and another woman in a very controversial sexed up Dolce ad relevant to the products they are selling?

(The answer is no, not really).

So while it is fun to see this Rethink Breast Cancer ad flipped these societal norms on their head, the truth is at the end of the day this is something that women deal with on a constant basis. We are inundated with ads on how we should look, dress and act in order to be appealing to the masses. We see our female bodies contorted, abused and photoshopped in mainstream media simply to sell products. How can we find value in ourselves if we are constantly seen as walking billboards that hold no value other than as a objectified sex object?


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