22 July 2013

Why I Will Never Have Weekend Shenanigans

Every Monday I log into my Bloglovin account (follow me yo!) and I see millions (slightly dramatic) of bloggers posting their "Weekend Update" or "Weekend Shenanigans" or "My Awesome Weekend Full of Fun/Glee/Mirth".
There is a 98.7% chance I will never write such a post.
I am sure you are stunned and sitting in your chair wondering, "But why, sweet Jessica? You are so young, so beautiful and so charming etc."
I know, I know.
But I am going to be honest with ya'll here.
I am in grad school for the next two years. I have an apartment (that for some reason I am still attempting to understand) I have to pay for every month. I also have to pay for electricity and my internet and sixteen channels of "cable".  I also eat.
All this costs money.
Which means I have to work. And while I do work during the "traditional" work week, I work for pretty much the entire weekend.
That means I work Fridays until 11pm, 14 hour shifts on Saturdays til 9pm and then Sundays 7am to 2pm.
So my weekend shenanigans basically consist of me staying up long enough to watch some Lock Up and shovel some cereal into my mouth before I have to wake up the next day at 5:30am.
I used to be the girl who would be dancing and drinking until 5:30am.
Sometimes I mourn the loss of my previous life.
Especially when I see all the other bloggers my age binge drinking (yes, sometimes this can be a positive thing.. right?) and bar crawling and other fun things kids do these days (Are booze cruises still a thing?)
And if we are going to be really honest, the last time I went on a night out with friends was almost one year ago and halfway across the world in Israel. I guess that's what happens when you live abroad and make amazing friends and then move back home where you haven't seen/talked to any high school friends for like 5 years and work/study all the time and basically have turned into a recluse who may or may not be developing compulsive hoarding tendencies.
I was seriously considering getting knocked up so I could at least join a Mommy & Me group. But then I realized I would then need to have the baby and that seems like a lot of work.
So while I do get struck with loneliness and blogger envy at times, I keep in mind that there is an end game. As I love to tell my clients, this is temporary. This will not be my entire life.
And from what I am learning about Mexican families, I am pretty sure the minute we do move to Mexico I will automatically have like 50 additional friends who will think I am cool and exotic because I am a freakishly pale gringa who cannot roll her r's.
So I am not a cool blogger, guys. I am not really hip. While in college I remember being able to split an entire bottle of tequila with my BFF, these days I drink half a beer and pass out for 17 hours. And as for my dancing days? Those have been relegated to Tuesday night Zumba.
I guess this is what growing up feels like? I always used to dread the days when I would be more interested in hitting up the supermarket than tha club but I don't now. I actually enjoy it.
Weird, right?


  1. don't worry, girl. i felt the same way in grad school. just get through it and you will have fun again, i promise!! ;)

  2. haha i feel the same way sometimes! i'm a mother and my weekends are filled with family outings which are awesome for me but probably boring to my bloggers because for real, who wants to see pictures upon pictures of other people's kids?? so i don't really do weekend recaps anymore unless i did something non-kid like fashion events, eating events, fitness events, that sort of thing.

    when i read about other bloggers drinking their weekends away, i also mourn my previous life but it's not something that i could physically do anymore; if i did that, it would take me a whole week to recover!

    so don't think of yourself as uncool or unhip; you have responsibilities.

  3. I hear you. It was the same deal for me when I was in school. But once you finish, it'll all be worth it. And you'll have crazier weekend shenanigans then you could ever imagine!

  4. i rocked the work 7 days a week schedule for a long time too, it is temporary, and you can make up for the lost shenanigans when you have a better schedule!

  5. When you get old like me most weeks on Friday you are too tired to go out Friday so you stay in ans save any doing anything for Saturday but still want to be home and in bed way before 2am. Lol

  6. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Ditto and more ditto. I see all my late 20s counterparts jet setting here and there, go to this event and that and I'm over here all, woo, all the bills got paid this month, time for sleep! This college life, it sucks!


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