06 July 2013

Oh hey July!

It's July? When did that happen? I feel like I just took a long nap and woke up and poof! July.
I definitely need to re-focus on my 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge. It's approaching the second week now and the first week went .... okay. Not great, but not awful.
Just for a brief catch-up, the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge is being generously hosted by Caitlin over at Weights and Measures. She is super supportive and if you are looking to shed some extra poundage, a great ally and motivator to have!

Last week I was super pumped to be getting into a fitness/weight loss challenge. The "mini-challenge" last week was to:
1) Identify 3 weight-loss related goals
This one was easy because it required pretty much no effort. Accomplished!
2) Drink 2L of water/day!
I slacked a bit on this one. But I have a handy new water bottle the size of a small newborn and I am committed to getting my water in!
3) Get 30 min. of activity/day
Ehh... Started off strong on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday by doing the Insanity workouts (aptly named, in case you were wondering). Wednesday I had to run around with my Mom for some doctor appointments and came home around 7pm exhausted. Thursday I was also wiped and yesterday I was similarly exhausted and super depressed, hence my slightly melodramatic post yesterday. So out of a 7 day week, I so far have 2 days of workouts and 3 days of blerrrgrrghhjh (that's a word, right?) BUT the good thing is that today is Saturday. Which means I have TWO more days to sneak in some exercise and tip the balance in my favor for a 4 day workout, 3 day rest week which means next week I am totally going to rock it even more.
So what are our goals for next week?
1. Ditch the scale.
Easy. The scale depresses me and makes me ugly cry.
This was wayyy to easy to find online.
2. Create an inspiration Wordle! 
Never heard of it but will give it a go.
3. Track my food every day.
This is a great challenge and one I am eager to commit to. I have definitely turned my eating around but still need to keep my portion sizes in check. This will definitely help and I am tracking with MyFitnessPal so it literally doesn't get any easier.

1 comment:

  1. great goals and definitely ditch that bitchass lying scale! only go by measurements lost; it's the only way to truly measure progress.

    i can't believe we're already in July!


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