30 August 2013

August Cara Box Reveal

This month I was paired up with the beautiful Sarah at Crazy Beautiful Life and I was super impressed when she managed to send me a box because she is getting married... in like a couple of weeks and is super mellow about it. Totally not a bridezilla and really sweet so go check her out! 

She knew that I have been in a recent make-up craze and she hooked me up with a ton of Mary Kay swag. If you're a long time lurker, you may remember that time I almost considered selling make-up to finance my lavish lifestyle... but yeah, then I realized I definitely do not have the social skills required to do that. I have already used up a primer and perfume sampler she sent me but some other goodies I got: 

She also sent me some gluten free pancake mix... But please pancake mix in my house will last like 17 minutes so that box is long gone BUT they were delicious! Sarah has gone gluten free and feels totally amazing now but I definitely do not have that kind of dedication. But who knows? The pancakes were delicious!

And this month I sent to Briana at Faithful Footprints so go check her out because I swear that girl is Superwoman! She is so inspirational and is the very definition of a hard worker! Good motivation for me when I decide I will sleep my entire day off and eat burritos in bed!

And everyone- have a great and safe weekend! Make sure to have lots of cuddles!


  1. What a good box (especially the pancake mix! So random and fun). I love Cara Box!

  2. Aww thanks girl! I try :-). It's amazing what you can do when there's no alternative option. Aaaannnddddd....now I want pancakes! Ha! Must go make this happen. Thanks for my box! As you already know, I LOVED IT!

  3. I'm currently going through a Mary Kay obsession as well! Their foundation is perfecttt. This looks like so much fun! I'm definitely signing up for the next round of Cara Box!


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